Di Erdmanis is a textile designer and artist living & working in Central Victoria, Australia. 

Pure Huntress owner & artist Di Erdmanis

When she was 17, she won a competition to design a logo for a horse stud. It was the 1st time she'd won anything, but it encouraged her to go on to study art, whilst working 2 part time jobs, as a fashion model and barista at a local coffee shop.

This photo looks like she has a bird on her head, but that was the fashion then. The outfit is so 80's! 

1980's model
Di had a few different jobs, but she also loved knitting, so a course in Textile Design was the next move.  She remembers endless hours in the car, going through all sorts of weather and traffic jams so she could study a Textile Diploma at RMIT. She still loved painting, but knitting and dyeing also became a passion of hers.
She started to hand dye silk scarves, and whilst still studying, sold some scarves through Craft Victoria. They were nice designs, but she wanted to do more, to create her own brand.
Jump forward 5 years, a move to the country was the best thing she did, as it allowed her space to really create. 
Her Earth Scarf design came about when she noticed how amazing the Earth looked like at approx 20,000 feet, which is the approximate height a domestic plane flies at. 

"When I looked down at the earth from a plane, I felt like a bird. I wanted to capture that on canvas, so it looked real"

It was a long process to discover how she could turn that visual image & feeling into a painting, but when the paint started to flow & swirl much like the earth's surface does, it was a pivotal moment. As the idea was coming together, she thought she'd try a digital print of the design on a silk scarf.  She shared the images on social media, and the positive feedback began to flow. She was excited to keep going, so has just created Earth 2, due for release in March 2020. Di also plans to to make square scarves and wool scarves too.
Di's brand is called Pure Huntress, 'Pure' meaning 'untouched, real' and Huntress after her name 'Diana the Hunter'
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