"My goal is to create beautiful designs that connect with the Earth"

Di Erdmanis is at work, the artist, designer & owner of fashion brand Pure Huntress. She shares her inspirations, techniques and work ethic from her studio in Central Victoria, Australia. Watch her create her paintings, talk about her craft and hand make her fashion accessories.

How did you start?

I have been painting since high school, not for money, but because I enjoyed it. I wanted to work creatively full time, so I studied Textile Design, gaining valuable knowledge about designing and making fabrics. I specialised in silk scarves and knitting, including some Shibori Scarves. (what is Shibori?) The technique was nothing new, but I sold a few which started my interest in making accessories.

How do you make the design on the bags & scarves?

I take photos of my artwork, they are download into Photoshop and manipulated into a designs that would look good for a scarf or bag.

How do you make your scarves look like the Earth?

I experimented with many different techniques to make the paint flow & interact so it looked like the Earth. The thinness of the paint is really important, and the methods I use are pouring, drips and using my fingers

How do you practice sustainable design?

I practice very low waste in my studio. I recycle all scrap fabric and the fabric printing of fabric is done digitally, which saves 1000's of litres of water. my products are high quality, and not throw away items. Everything can be recycled

 - Di Erdmanis, artist, designer & owner of Pure Huntress