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A Shibori scarf is easy to make!

Make your own shibori scarf
How to make a shibori silk scarfHow to make a shibori silk scarf

Yesterday, I felt like going back to my 1st experiments with Shibori dying, where it all started. I'm starting to miss making scarves with my hands, it's a great feeling to unravel the end result to see what you can get!

Materials list

1 x blank silk scarf, scissors, approx 1m string, Dye for silk, old saucepan, tongs a wet cloth or spray bottle, rubber gloves


I took a blank white silk scarf, some blue powder dye, an old stainless steel saucepan & some string (anything is fine). I wet my hand just a little with a wet face washer (you can also use a spray bottle) so it was easy to bunch up the silk. Then, (not neatly) I proceeded to tie the string & twisting the fabric as I went.  The string has to be REALLY tight, because you want to create un-dyed white areas which gives the silk the Shibori pattern. Do this at both end of the scarf. Take a heaped teaspoon of dye and put it into the saucepan filling 3/4 with water. Start to heat the water up, stir the colour. put the scarf in, bring the water to the boil for 20 mins. Let cool. Take scarf to the sink full of clean lukewarm water and transfer the scarf into it with tongs. Carefully remove the string, then rinse the scarf with clean water. Hang to dry in the shade & iron with steam on silk setting. Done! :)

Where do I get scarves & dye?

Copy & paste the below links to go to exact page you need..

Silk scarves link:  (Dharma Trading)

Dye link : (Kraftkolour) 

* SAFETY notes always be careful with boiling water and the dye. It's a good idea to lay down an old towel whilst you're making the scarf to protect the bench from dye spills. Feel free to comment or ask questions  

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